BookMoocher is a simple program that helps you keep informed on new books available on

It sits on your system tray and works for you. Actually it is a BETA and HAS BUGS, can DESTROY YOUR PC. Use at YOUR OWN RISK. I'm not responsible of damages or anything caused by this software that you SHOULDN'T USE.

BookMoocher is Copyright © 2010 by Luca Gambetta.


Before you start, you should configure for which countries you want new book info. If you don't set it, BookMoocher will download info for all countries. So go to "File > Configure..." menu and add the countries you want.

If you want you can set a fetch interval, but I suggest you to keep the default 10 minutes.

After you configured BookMoocher you can start using it, letting him work in backgroud. If you close the window it will hide in the system tray, clicking on the icon again will show the BookMooch window.

BookMoocher updates information on new books available according to the time interval set, you can force the update using the (TA-DA!) "Update" button.

The available book list is sorted by date, if you double click on a title, the browser will be launched letting you mooch the book.

That's all.


25-10-2010 - BookMoocher 0.0.6 Released!

What's new:

23-10-2010 - BookMoocher 0.0.5 Released!

What's new:

13-10-2010 - BookMoocher 0.0.4 Released!

What's new:

11-10-2010 - BookMoocher 0.0.3 Released!

What's new:

06-10-2010 - BookMoocher 0.0.2 Released!

First release of BookMoocher.


Source Code

Current version is a BETA, you can download the source code, it is licensed with a BSD license.

Windows Binary (x86)

I've realized a simple video tutorial on how to install and run BookMoocher on Windows. Watch it before doing the installation steps.

You can download a binary version for Windows 32-bit. Follow these installation steps:

Mac OS X Binary

This is an experimental binary builded on Mac OS X 1.6.4, I can't support it because I'm not a Mac user.

Download and use it at your own risk!

Linux Binary

I'm a Linux developer on Ubuntu, expect binary packages soon.

Compiling from source on Linux

This software is developed on Linux.

Install all the necessary Qt4 library and header files, at least version 4.5. Also you need the usual Gcc compiler stack.

Steps to compile:

If everything went well you have the BookMoocher executable in the source dir, you can launch it with:

you can copy it everywhere you can run it, I suggest /usr/local/bin. A more comfortable installer will come, sorry.